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Pupil Premium & Catch-Up Funding

Pupil Premium & Catch-up Funding

Pupil Premium Funding is allocated to schools in addition to the school budget.

Funding is received for all pupils who are eligible for Free School Meals. Schools have the freedom to spend this extra income as they see fit but are accountable for its use. The aim of Pupil Premium Funding is to support Free School Meal learners in making progress and achieving their potential. At Unity College we are totally committed to meeting the academic, pastoral, spiritual, social and moral needs of all learners.

For the financial year 2015-2016 we received £367,399 pupil premium funding.

In 2015-2016 Pupil Premium is being used for the following:

• A named person to support every pupil premium student in the college.

• Four pupil premium co-ordinators to oversee the support and intervention for pupil premium students.

• Targeted literacy support for identified years seven, eight, nine, ten and eleven students.

• Targeted revision sessions / homework club specifically for pupil premium students in year 7-11.

• Curriculum support through departments – smaller class sizes in English and mathematics throughout Key Stage 3 and 4.

• Staffing, resources and support for Treasure Island with particular emphasis on targeted learners.

• Additional resources and staffing within the attendance team to support pupil premium students.

• Additional staffing within the Student Support Services team.

• Subsidy for trips for students entitled to free school meals.

• One‐to‐one support for learners identified as needing extra support/personalised timetable to achieve GCSE results.

PUPIL PREMIUM REPORT September 2016 [pdf]

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