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KS3 Curriculum

All students study a range of subjects including Art and Textiles; Dance; Drama; Design and Technology; English; Geography; History; ICT; iD; Maths; Modern Foreign Languages; PE; RE; Science and Music.

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Art and Textiles

  Subject Vision The Art Department firmly believes that art is a vehicle for creativity and personal expression. Our aim is to foster an interest for art in all students, and to enable them to develop technical skills, knowledge, sensitivity and understanding, in order to visually express themselves. We aim to foster an appreciation of …

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Subject Vision Computer Science at Unity College is offered to all students in year 7 and year 8. Our aim is to equip students with a broad range of computing skills that will enable them to develop their computational thinking skills. The programme of study has been specially designed to meet the wide range of …

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  Subject Vision “Dance is a diverse discipline, its more than movement and technique, it’s inspiring, it’s enjoyable, it’s motivating; to an individual, a group, a class and a school” (Alston, 2009) The Dance Department at Unity College will provide an inclusive, relevant, exciting and challenging curriculum as well as a varied extra- curriculum programme. …

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Design and Technology (DT)

Subject Vision “At Unity College the Design and Technology team work together to prepare students to be the creators of tomorrow.”   We empower the young people of Unity College with the skills that enable them to create and develop innovative solutions, using a combination of manual and computer aided means of manufacture.   Design …

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The Drama Department will develop curious and enthusiastic practitioners.  It aims to advance students self-confidence and interpersonal skills by encouraging students to look at the world around them objectively through the use of Drama explorative strategies and discussions. Every student will have an enjoyable experience which challenges their own perceptions and helps them develop empathy …

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Subject Vision Unity College students will have a passion for English and aspire to be independent, successful learners. The English Curriculum will ensure that all learners are equipped with life skills and a lifelong love of learning. The English Department aims to instil a lifelong passion and enjoyment for English and our cultural heritage. Students …

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Overview: At Unity College we provide a high quality Geography education that inspires in our students a lifelong curiosity and fasciation about the world and its people. All of our students will be equipped with knowledge about diverse places, people, resources and natural and human environments, together with a deep understanding of the earth’s key …

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Overview The History Department at Unity College will empower students to question, consider and reach rational judgements that will help them both in school and as adults. We will explore the key changes to British and world history and seek to explain why changes occurred and what effect they have had on our lives today. …

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Subject Vision   In iD lessons we will play a major part in facilitating the College’s vision on the emphasis on social, moral, spiritual and cultural development. To produce a generation of students who are socially aware, mature citizens, who can make well informed and educated choices.    The iD curriculum will be inclusive and …

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Subject Vision By 2016 mathematics will be judged as outstanding by all stake holders and Ofsted.  Mathematics will exceed national standards for achievement and progress.  The majority of mathematics lessons will be judged as outstanding.At Unity College mathematics is a creative and highly interconnected discipline providing solutions to problems.  Mathematics is essential to everyday life, …

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Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

Year 7 My World (1)   German / Spanish:  Greetings Countries Personal description The alphabet Nationalities Numbers and Dates School Colours Family members   French:  Numbers and Dates Personal description Greetings The alphabet Countries Nationalities Colours School bag Family members Pets   Year 8 – My World (2)   German / Spanish: Describing others Pets …

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Subject Vision Music is so much a part of the background of everyday life that it tends to get taken for granted.  Yet, for many people it is a powerful focus for creative energy, and one which both stimulates and guides the imagination. Music at Unity College will give all students an enjoyable experience that …

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Subject Vision All students will have an outstanding experience of Physical Education and school sport at Unity College.  All students will be inspired to engage in physical activity and school sport, maximise their potential in physical education and be encouraged to develop positive attitudes for leading a healthy active lifestyle.This will be achieved through ensuring …

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Religious Education (RE)

Overview The RE department at Unity College will help to develop curious and independent learners who have an awareness of their own and others identities and beliefs. In turn they will grow in respect for themselves and others, now and in the future. KS3 Programme of Study At Unity College, students follow the Lancashire agreed …

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Subject Vision At Unity College we will provide the foundations for understanding the world through science.  All of our students will understand through physics, biology and chemistry how science changes our lives and is vital to the world’s future prosperity.  All of our students will be taught essential aspects of knowledge, methods and processes and …

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Unity College Policies

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Unity Staff List

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