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Behaviour and Rewards


At Unity, we value the importance of good behaviour and the need to have consistent and clear rewards and sanctions procedures.  Students’ behaviour is tracked and our extensive Student Support Services ensure that any issues are addressed swiftly and fairly.

Click here for more information about our behaviour and consequences system and our behaviour policies.

We use the VIVO reward system throughout the whole college. Students receive their own online accounts and can log in from home or school to see how many credits they have accrued.  The system includes an exciting online shop where students can use their rewards to purchase items.

Our VIVO rewards system automatically rewards students for excellent attendance each week and is linked to our new cashless catering system to reward students for healthy eating options.

For more information about VIVO rewards, visit the VIVO website at www.vivomiles.com

Parents can request access to their child’s online account and track where the child has been rewarded, and what they have spent their rewards on.  If you wish to speak to someone at college about the system, please contact Mr Patel (p.patel@unity-college.com).