Art & Textiles Enrichment

Art & Textiles Enrichment


  • Year 7 and 8 Art Club – Art / Textiles 
  • Visits / workshops / visiting artists 
  • Links with Drama and Music within the college shows. 

Art work displayed around school and at the annual Art Exhibition

How to support your Child in this subject. 

  • Talk about what they have been learning about in lessons and encourage them to reflect on what they have achieved. 
  • Encourage them to use a camera and take photographs. 
  • Encourage your child to collect interesting visual items to ignite their creativity.  
  • Encourage them to draw for pleasure in their own time.  Both taking your pen for a walk (doodling) or observational will help build confidence and develop their ability to record ideas and insights.  
  • Visits to art galleries, museums and places of interest.