Drama KS3

Drama KS3

Key Stage 3 Programme of Study 

Autumn Term 1 – Haunted House

Students are encouraged to explore basic performance skills with a particular focus on building their self-confidence, teamwork skills and their communication skills.

Autumn Term 2 – Real life

Students will explore a variety of real life situations that effect young people. Students will explore how their decisions can effect the lives of others.

Spring Term 1 – Exploring Scripts

Students will explore a variety of scripts from different time periods, playwrights, and styles. Allowing students to get a real sense of how the written word can communicate meaning to an audience. Students will also have the opportunity to watch, analyse and evaluate a performance from The National Theatre.

Spring Term 2 – Strategies For Success

Students will take part in skills based work looking at higher level strategies and how they can be used to make performance more thought provoking, interesting and engaging for the audience.

Summer term 1 – Criminal Minds

Students will explore the events from Historic Crimes and explore how criminal behaviour has serious consequences to those not directly involved. Students will look through a variety of Drama skills at what makes someone decide to become a criminal and where they could have made different and better decisions and choices.