Drama KS4

Drama KS4

Key Stage 4 Programme of Study

Exam board : OCR : GCSE Drama Specification

Year 10 2018/19

Students will create a Devised performance, 30% of the Final qualification.  This will be based on a stimulus chosen from a selection provided by the exam board.  Students will be expected to record research, the process and evaluate their work. 

Year 11 2018/19

Students will perform two extracts from a play, 30% of the final qualification, also including a Proforma which explores the journey that students travelled on to create their final performances.

Students will explore a set Text for their written examination, 40% of the final qualification, students will be expected to explore the text and share their ideas about how the text could be presented to communicate meaning.  Students will also watch Live Theatre, they will be expected to write about this in Section B of their examination, this involves completing a piece of extended writing.  The quality of written communication is also assessed for this.


Exam board : OCR : V-Cert in Performance Skills Specification

Year 9 2018/19

Students will create an  extended performance for a live audience  which will be clearly documented and analysed.  This performance will be based upon a stimulus provided by the Exam board.

Students will also be expected to explore careers and administration in the Arts.  This will be assessed through a written exam.  The exam itself will be made up of multiple choice questions, short answer questions and extended questions.