Food Technology KS4

Food Technology KS4

Exam board : AQA : Food Preparation & Nutrition Specification

The GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition is an exciting and creative course which focuses on practical cooking skills to ensure you develop a thorough understanding of nutrition, food provenance and the working characteristics of food materials. At its heart, this qualification focuses on nurturing your practical cookery skills to give you a strong understanding of nutrition. Food preparation skills are integrated into five core topics:

• Food, nutrition and health
• Food science
• Food safety
• Food choice
• Food provenance

It is essential that you are prepared to take part in practical work at least once a week and bring the necessary ingredients. Being organised and having an enquiring mind as well as being prepared to work at times in a team as well as independently are important requirements. There is also written work to back up all the practical work. There is 50% controlled assessment and 50% exam in this course.

Furthermore, the practical element of the course will provide the fundamental building blocks for budgeting and the ability to create food products that will contribute to a healthy life style – essential life skills as well as linking with many other subjects such as Science, PE, History  and Geography in particular.

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The content and skills taught through this course will be relevant to a range of careers, for example: sports nutritionist, dietician, food scientist, catering and hospitality and social care.