iD KS3

iD KS3


HT 1 Starting (October) Change

Transition from primary to secondary. Setting expectations and goals

HT2 Health 

The importance of personal hygiene.  Awareness of puberty and the changes that may occur.

HT3 Relationship

The different types of relationships. Understanding what is acceptable in regards to physical contact.

HT4 Risk

To understand the responsibilities a young person has on keeping themselves safe.

HT5 Identity

Setting goal, and highlighting their own skills. To understand the term British Values.



HT 1 Puberty

Understanding the emotional and physical effects of puberty. What is a relationship? and how should it look?  

HT2 Law and Order

Awareness civil and criminal law and how it affects young people

HT3 Money Sense/Options

Understanding the services of banks. Knowing the term ‘budget’ and why it is important. To make informed choices for GCSE options.

HT4 Lifestyle

Discussion around body image, online reputation and the pressure to present an image.

HT5 Health

Awareness of mental health, physical health, forced marriage, FGM and countylines.

HT6 Peer Pressure

How friends and the media can influence young people’s behaviour.




How drugs and addiction can effect someone and the people around them.


To have discussion around healthy relationships.
To understand what a positive relationship should look and feel like, and to identify the signs of a negative relationship.


Discussion around discrimination, prejudice and tolerance.