iD KS4

iD KS4


Drugs and Risk

Increase understanding of the different kinds of illegal drugs and the effect they have on the user and the family.

Sexual Health and Relationship

To understand what a safe relationship is. To know the risks and the law surrounding sexual activity. To understand how to minimise the risk.

Managing your Money

To understand the services of a bank. To be aware of the importance of budget. To understand how your career links with lifestyle.

Emotional Health and Well Being

To explore to different stresses that can effect a young person. To develop methods of coping with these stresses.


Dragon Den group project.



Mental health

To identify the different forms of mental illness that can effect a young person and the impact that this can have on their life.


To explore the different options available to students when they leave Unity. To practice interview technique and look at CV construction.

Heathy  Relationships

To know what abuse can look like within a relationship. To understand the signs of abuse. To discuss how a healthy relationship should feel.

Risky Behaviour

To understand the terms radicalization and extremist.  To be aware of the risks of grooming, and understand the signs of exploitation.



Justice system 

How British sentences compare to other countries institutions. The discuss the moral isuues surrounding the death penalty. To explore high profile crimes and debate if criminals are born or made.


Preparing students to apply for College. To help students through the application process, to complete a CV.

Staying Safe

Revisiting Safe Sexual health and relationships


To discuss the ethical debate surrounding abortion, euthanasia and genetic engineering.