Physical Education KS4

Physical Education KS4


Exam board : OCR : Sports Science

This qualification has been designed with practical and engaging ways of teaching in mind and enable learners to:
• develop a range of skills through involvement in sport and physical activity in different contexts and roles
• develop their ability to apply theoretical knowledge to practical situations • gain a better understanding of the complexity of different areas of sport and the sports industry
• increase their awareness of different ways to stay involved in sport and physical activity and of different careers and roles within sport

There are 4 units that will be delivered. These are:

R041: Reducing the risk of sports injuries (examination)

Students learn how to prepare participants to take part in physical activity so that they minimise the risk of injuries. They also learn how to respond to common sporting injuries and how to recognise the symptoms of some common medical conditions.

R042: Applying principles of training (coursework)

Students develop knowledge and understanding of the principles of training and how to keep performers in peak physical condition. They apply practical skills in fitness testing and in designing bespoke training programmes to suit individual requirements.

R045: Sports nutrition (coursework)

Students explore the role that diet plays in different sports and activities and the importance of a healthy, balanced diet that includes essential nutrients in the correct quantities. They use the knowledge they gain to produce an appropriate, effective diet plan for a performer.

R046: Technology in sport (coursework)

Students consider how various technologies are used in sport to enhance performance and the experience of sport both for performers and for spectators, as well as the career opportunities that the use of technology presents. They also explore arguments both for and against the increasing use of technology in sport.