Art and Textiles

Subject Vision
The Art Department firmly believes that art is a vehicle for creativity and personal expression. Our aim is to foster an interest for art in all students, and to enable them to develop technical skills, knowledge, sensitivity and understanding, in order to visually express themselves. We aim to foster an appreciation of Art within society and in various cultures, in both a historical and contemporary context. Art education provides a unique way of knowing and interpreting the world and our experience of it. Art is part of our culture and is a civilizing, enriching and humanising experience.
Programme of Study
Year 7

  • Art – Induction – formal elements and basic skills
  • Michael Craig Martin inspired project with an individual final outcome.

Year 8

  • Art – Endangered Animals – mixed media drawing / painting a canvas.
  • Textiles – Creatures – exploring design and creative embroidery.


Exams taken at GCSE
  • AQA Art and Design Fine Art
  • AQA Art and Design Textile Design
Enrichment and extra-curricular activities
  • Breakfast club (Year 11 Wednesday 7:30-8:30am)
  • Year 7 and 8 Art Club – Art / Textiles
  • Visits / workshops / visiting artists
  • Links with Dance, Drama and Music within the college shows
  • Art work displayed around school and at the annual Art Exhibition
How to support your child in this subject
  • Encourage them to use a camera and take photographs
  • Encourage them to collect interesting visual items
  • Encourage them to draw in their own time
  • Visits to art galleries and museums
  • Websites – such as the Tate, Craft council, British Museum etc