Subject Vision
“Dance is a diverse discipline, its more than movement and technique, it’s inspiring, it’s enjoyable, it’s motivating; to an individual, a group, a class and a school” (Alston, 2009)

The Dance Department at Unity College will provide an inclusive, relevant, exciting and challenging curriculum as well as a varied extra- curriculum programme. The Dance Department will encourage all students to fulfill their ability in a range of genres and techniques, achieving their target.  We aim to help all students develop a passion for dance so that they may develop as dancers, choreographers and performing artists.



Programme of Study
Year 7Year 8

Dance Through the Ages                                 Professional Works

Diversity                                                           Contemporary Dance



Exams taken at GCSE


Enrichment and extra-curricular activities
  • Large scale productions – dance show / play / musical
  • After school clubs
  • Expressive Arts Show
  • Trip to watch a live performance work


How to support your child in this subject
Watch different genres of dance: Strictly Come Dancing, Got to Dance and So you think you can Dance?

Explore dance outside of school by joining a local dance club.