The Drama Department will develop curious and enthusiastic practitioners. It aims to advance students self-confidence and interpersonal skills by encouraging students to look at the world around them objectively through the use of Drama explorative strategies and discussions. 

Every student will have an enjoyable experience which challenges their own perceptions and helps them develop empathy and understanding of the world around them. By recognising their strengths, students will develop their ability to improve their own work and work of other.

Programme of Study
Year 7

  • Introducing drama techniques
  • Creating and structuring performances
  • Working from a variety of naturalistic stimuli
  • Basic script exploration

Year 8

  • Using abstract stimuli to create imaginative performance
  • Using factual information to inform performance work
  • Joy Riding – creating an extended performance
  • Interpretation – using characterisation to bring a script to life


Exams taken at GCSE
GCSE Drama – OCR and BTEC Tech Award


Enrichment and extra-curricular activities
  • Large scale productions
  • Clubs to enrich and support student’s interest in the art form
  • Lower School production
  • Trips to watch a live performance
  • Use of Technology – lighting, music, sound effects and video equipment
How to support your child in this subject
Talk to your child about what they have done in lessons, encourage them to reflect on their work.

  • Take your child to the Theatre.  Try and watch something different, unusual and exciting.
  • Listen to Radio Plays.  Radio Four have some brilliant plays, Saturday and Sunday afternoons.
  • Watch the news with your child; this can help them understand what is happening in the world around them.
  • Visit Museums.  Looking at Art is a brilliant way to think about characters, who they are and why they appear as they do.
  • Tell jokes.  Telling jokes is about effective communication.
  • Read books, imagination is key to success in Drama.