The History Department at Unity College will empower students to question, consider and reach rational judgements that will help them both in school and as adults. We will explore the key changes to British and world history and seek to explain why changes occurred and what effect they have had on our lives today.

Programme of Study
Each half term students will study a different period from History. Within this a range of key skills will be developed such as chronology, source skills, change and continuity, and extended writing. This will be accompanied by an assessment. Many of the KS3 units are designed to give a basis for more developed study in GCSE.

Year 7
The Norman Conquest (Sept-Oct)
> Contenders for the Throne
> The Battle of Hastings
> Castles
> Creating the Feudal System
> The Domesday Book
> Magna Carta and King John

The Tudors (Nov-Dec)
> Henry 8th and his wives
> The Reformation and how it changed England
> Why did Elizabeth not marry?
> How did Elizabeth control her image?
> The Spanish Armada
> Was Elizabeth a success?

The British Empire and Slavery (Jan-Feb)
> What is an Empire
> How did Britain gain an Empire
> Was the Empire a force for good or bad?
> Triangular Trade
> Life for a slave on a plantation
> The abolition of slavery

Industrial Burnley – A local study (Feb-Mar)
> Population change
> Life in the cotton mills
> Child workers
> Transport changes in Burnley
> Life in the coal mines
> How has Burnley changed?

Suffragettes (Apr-May)
> Who could vote in 1901?
> Opposition to women’s votes
> How did the Suffragettes campaign?
> Government action towards Suffragettes
> Compare poster propaganda
> When did women achieve the vote

Year 8
The Black Death (Jun-Jul)
> How did the Black Death Spread?
> Symptoms
> Medieval cures
> Effect on society
> Medieval medicine
> The Renaissance and improvements

Living Conditions in the 1800s
> Why did people move to towns?
> Sanitation and disease in towns and cities
> How did towns improve?
> Who was Jack the Ripper?
> How did living conditions help Jack the Ripper?
> Catching Jack the Ripper

Causes of World War One
> Europe in 1914
> The Alliance System
> The Arms Race
> Assassination of Franz Ferdinand
> Belgian Neutrality and Why Britain joined
> Who was to blame for WW1?

Life in the Trenches
> Recruitment
> Trench design
> Problems in the trenches
> Letters home from the trenches
> The Battle of the Somme
> Contribution of Empire troops

Hitler and World War Two
> Who was Hitler?
> What was life like in Nazi Germany?
> The road to war
> The Battle of Britain and the Blitz
> The role of Churchill
> The Holocaust

The Cold War
> What is a Cold War?
> Capitalism and Communism
> The Space Race
> The fall of the Berlin Wall
> Terrorism and war in the 21st Century
> Immigration to the UK

How to support your child in this subject
> Watch TV/internet documentaries
> Encourage your child to read
> Tell your child to visit the local library
> Encourage the use of e-books
> Encourage your child to share with you what they have been studying in their lessons
> Watch the news / current affairs programmes
> Visit the Show My Homework website