Religious Education (RE)

The RE department at Unity College will help to develop curious and independent learners who have an awareness of their own and others identities and beliefs. In turn they will grow in respect for themselves and others, now and in the future.

KS3 Programme of Study
At Unity College, students follow the Lancashire agreed syllabus for Religious Education. The syllabus aims ‘to support pupils’ personal search for meaning by engaging enquiry into the question ‘What does it mean to be human?’ – exploring answers offered by religion and belief.” This allows students to learn about and understand different religions, beliefs, values and traditions and their influence on individuals, societies, communities and cultures.

Year 7
The island – an exploration of rites of passages. (September – December)
> What is a community?
> What is responsibility? Who is responsible?
> How do religions celebrate a birth?
> How would you celebrate a birth?
> What is a religious marriage ceremony? How would you celebrate?
> Why are festivals important?

Sikhism (December – February)
> Who is Guru Nanak?
> Why join the Khalsa?
> Can belief affect daily life?
> What are equality and service?
> What do Sikh stories teach?

Who is Jesus? (February – April)
> Perceptions and illusions – What do you see?
> What does Jesus look like?
> Did Jesus really exist? Historical Jesus –Religious, archaeological, historical.
> What is special about Jesus life?
> Is Jesus a rebel?

Where did we come from? (April – May)
> Our planet – do humans damage the world?
> Who’s creation? A comparison of creation stories
> What is the design argument
> What is stewardship?
> Can we save the planet?
> What is a perfect world?

Year 8
What is Truth? – A study of Buddhism (June – July)
> What is the Truth? – beliefs, facts and opinions
> Who is Siddhartha Gautama? The 4 sights
> What are the four noble truths?
> What is the eight fold path?
> What are nirvana and karma?
> What is a mandala?

What is GCSE RE? (September – November)
> When does life begin?
> How important is money?
> Is marriage important?
> Crime – Should capital punishment be used?
> Crime – Why punish?
> What is animal experimentation?

What makes us human? (December – February)
> What makes you, you?
> How much is a human worth? Sanctity of life
> Are humans special? Humans / animals and the soul
> What is the purpose of life?
> How free are we?
> What does the future hold?

Pay it forward – Can one boy change the world? (February – May)
> Is the world a big disappointment?
> Who is who? Prejudice and discrimination
> What are parables?
> What is symbolism?
> What is sacrifice? Sacrifice in the bible.

Hinduism (May – June)
> Do we see things differently?
> What is a home shrine?
> How do Hindus see God?
> What do Buddhist stories teach?
> What is the Caste system?

How to support your child in this subject
Encourage your child to undertake relevant reading – within school we study religious and non-religious beliefs.

Ask your child to share with you what they have been studying in their RE lessons to consolidate their learning.

Encourage your child to use the show my homework website.

Any parents or students who would like more information about the above course should contact Mrs Bowman.