The textile course will enable you to use your creative powers to design and make a variety of interior and fashion items.  You will develop you the skills and techniques to help you make beautiful and imaginative pieces.  You will be introduced to a variety of experiences and exploration of a range of textile media techniques and processes, including both traditional and new technologies.

During Year 9 you will follow an induction course which will allow you to explore, experiment and develop your skills using a wide range of techniques and media.

You will be given project themes during Years 10 and 11 where you will have to produce a sketchbook and final piece.  You will be required to work in one or more areas of Textile design such as those listed below:

  • Fashion and/or costume
  • Printed and/or dyed materials
  • Constructed and/or applied textiles
  • Domestic textiles
  • Constructed and/or stitched and/or embellished textiles

All the work you produce for these projects will be submitted in a portfolio which is worth 60% of your overall marks.  In addition to this portfolio you are also given a selection of questions/themes that have been written by the examination board.  You will have a set number of weeks to produce a sketchbook based on your chosen question/theme and then a ten hour examination during which you will have to make the final piece.  The examination unit will make up the other 40% of your overall grade.  All projects and the exam will be assessed in April/May of your final year and a grade will be awarded.

Please note: students will need to purchase a sketchbook and equipment for the course.  Details of which will be provided nearer the time.

You should choose this course if:

  • You enjoy the creative process and have a passion for experimenting.
  • You have a strong interest in the subject and are prepared to work hard in it.
  • You are thinking of pursuing a career in textiles, fashion and creative industries.

Any parents or students who would like more information about the course should contact Miss Whiteside who will be happy to answer any questions.