All students at KS4 will study both English Language and English Literature.

Studying English to GCSE level:

Oracy, reading and writing skills will be recognised in GCSE English language. You will be inspired, moved and challenged by following a broad, coherent, satisfying and worthwhile course of study. You will develop your ability to use English as active and informed citizens and be able to speak, listen, read and write fluently, appropriately, effectively and critically – for a wide range of personal, functional and social purposes.

Candidates will be expected to respond to a wide range of written texts, including challenging and dynamic texts. You will develop the knowledge and skills required to make informed decisions about further learning opportunities and career choices. The final GCSE grade is made up of a 100% external examination.

The English Literature Course requires students to understand that texts from English, Welsh or Irish literary heritage have been influential and significant over time and explore their meaning today. You will become a critical reader of fiction and non-fiction prose, poetry and drama by connecting ideas, themes and issues, drawing on a range of texts. You will also be able to explore how texts from different cultures and traditions may reflect or influence values, assumptions and a sense of identity; as well as experience different times, cultures, viewpoints and situations as found in literary texts. The final GCSE grade is made up of a 100% external examination.

By achieving a GCSE in English this could lead to:

GCSE English or an equivalent qualification will provide the foundation for many post-16 jobs and training courses. Universities usually require a minimum of a GCSE grade C in order to be accepted on to an undergraduate course. In addition the job market is increasingly competitive with GCSE English cited as an essential requirement to the post, regardless of the type of work.

LP Hartley wrote that ‘good writers touch life often’. By exploring a wide variety of texts you will be better equipped to make decisions about how you want to live your life. For those with a deeper interest in the subject careers are available in journalism, performing arts, teaching, publishing, law and being an author.

Any parents or students who would like more information about the above courses should contact Miss Smith.