This qualification has been designed for young people who are potentially interested in a career in music. Students will be given the opportunity to explore the key components of music; composing, performing, listening and appraising.

This qualification can help students prepare for a wide range of jobs including music promotion, retail and sales, venue staff, music therapist, musician, songwriter, music teacher and many, many more.

Although you do not need to be the strongest performer, students applying for this course music have some music experience, and the ability to play an instrument or sing in front of an audience is essential. You also need to have enthusiasm for this subject and the ability to work independently outside of the classroom.

Eduqas GCSE is one of the courses offered at KS4.  As part of the course they will study:

  • Musical Forms and Devices
  • Music for Ensemble
  • Film Music
  • Popular Music

What Will I Be Expected To Do?

You will be expected to:

  • Regularly perform pieces of music from a variety of styles and genres
  • Record your performances onto a CD/DVD to show your progression over the
  • Compose different styles of music for a given scenario
  • Compose different styles of music of your own choice
  • Explore different styles of music through listening tasks
  • Evaluate your own and the work of others, suggesting improvements and
  • Attend at least one extra curricular activity

If you would like any further information about the GCSE Music qualification,  please talk to Mrs Wilson.

A vocational music qualification is offered as an alternative to GCSE music.  A part of the course they will study:

  • The Music Industry
  • Managing a Music Product
  • Introducing Music Composition
  • Introducting Musc Performance


What Will I Be Expected To Do?

You will be expected to:

  • Develop your knowledge of the music industry through case studies
  • Regularly perform pieces to a live audience
  • Create compositional ideas for film, tv adverts, video games and documentaries
  • Develop rehearsal techniques
  • Contribute to the planning of a music concert
  • Evaluate the work you have produced, indicating strengths and suggesting improvements

If you would like more information about the vocational music qualification, plese talk to Mrs Wilson.