Admissions 2022 – FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated Friday 1 October 2021 (11:15 am)

How can I find out if my child is in the catchment area for Unity College?

There is a map on the Admissions section of the college’s website that shows the inner and outer geographical priority areas.

How will the school decide which tutor group my child will be placed into?

We collect information from your primary schools and ask them to recommend learning partners. These are peers that work well together to bring out the best in each other.

We do not take requests to be with friends as this is a great opportunity to meet new people, and as a college we have found this to be a very successful approach. If your child is coming from a school where they are the only pupil, we would place them in a tutor group where there are other’s in the same situation so that they can support each other.

Are there any school buses for Unity College?

There are no designated school buses for Unity College but there are a number of the local bus routes with stops close to the college. We’d recommend looking on-line or contacting your local public transport providers for more information. The majority of our students who travel by bus walk to college from the bus station in Burnley town centre.

Can students go home for lunch at Unity College?

No. Students must remain on-site at all times throughout the college day. They will not be allowed off-site to go home or to go to shops at break and/or lunch time.

What after-college activities are available at Unity College?

There is a full extra-curricular timetable available once your child starts attending Unity College (unless Covid restrictions apply). For an example of the types of activities on offer please see the current extra-curricular timetable on the Unity College website.

There is also a homework club which is open to all students from Monday to Thursday until 4pm. 

What equipment will my child need to bring each day?

Students will need to bring with them a bag and pencil case each day. In these they will need to have a pen (blue or black), pencil, ruler as a minimum. A reading book from home and the Year 7 planner (provided by us) should be brought each day and carried to all lessons. Students will also need to bring their Unity College PE kits on the days that they have PE lessons.

Can my child ride their bike to Unity College and is there somewhere safe to store it?

Students who wish to ride their bikes to college are welcome to do so. There are bike shelters available. Your child should bring their own bike lock to secure their bike. The college does not accept responsibility for any loss or damage to bikes.

Who should I contact to discuss my child’s additional educational needs?

To discuss your child’s additional educational needs, please contact: or

What uniform is worn at Unity College?

Students at Unity College take pride in wearing their uniform and are expected to be ‘dressed for business’ every day, including a blazer and a tie. For more details about the full college uniform, please see the Unity College website and click on the ‘Students’ tab.   

Is there a Breakfast club at Unity College?

There is no Breakfast club at Unity College but the college is open to students from 8am. Food and drinks are served in Chaucers and the CLC areas.

What food is available during break and lunch at Unity College?

For an idea of the food served at these times, please see the Unity College website, clicking on the ‘Parents’ and ‘Dining-room’ tabs.

What are the lunch time arrangements at Unity College?

You child can choose to buy a lunch at college or bring in a packed lunch. No student is allowed off the college site at break or lunch, either to go home or to go to shops.

How do I pay for School Meals?

We operate a cashless system for all food before the college day, at breaks and at lunch times. Students use a thumbprint to identify their school lunch account and can pay for food up to the amount that is in their account balance.

Parents can top up their child’s lunch account via Parent Pay. For more details of how this works, please see the Unity College website and click on the ‘Parents’ and ‘Parent Pay’

Can my child bring their own packed lunch at Unity College?

Yes. Your child can bring their own packed lunch to eat in the college dining rooms with the other students.

Will my child be placed in ability sets for all subjects when they arrive at Unity College?

Most students will initially be placed in mixed- ability sets until sufficient baseline data has been collected during the first term at Unity College. Maths, English, Science, Humanities and Languages teach in ability sets; however, other subjects are taught in mixed ability classes.  For more subject specific information, please contact the relevant Head of Subject. A list of their emails can be found on the Unity College website by clicking the ‘About’ and ‘Staff List’ tabs. 

Will there be transition activities for my child before they attend Unity College?

It is our aim to provide transition activities for our new intake students whilst they are still in the summer term of Year 6. Unfortunately, this has been disrupted due to Covid restrictions recently. We will keep parents of new-intake students and their primary schools up to date about the arrangements nearer to the time.