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Updated Thursday 4 June 2020 (9:45am)

Year 10 – Online Work Experience Week – 8th-12th June

The Oak national academy is providing sessions all week which will link to the world of work.

If you access the year 10 schedule you will see day by day there are 4 sessions.  You can access these at any point in the week.

Also running is the learn live programme:

When you go onto this page you will then be able to register to join online sessions with employers.  These sessions will run Tuesday – Friday so have a look on Monday at sessions you might like to join.  These are live sessions and unlike the Oak sessions you will not be able to access these at a later point.

There is a huge range of experiences on offer for you to see employers and to interact with online activities to introduce you to careers in a range of areas.  We hope you enjoy these opportunities.

Notice to All Students (incl. year 11s)

Please check Show My Homework regularly for messages from your PD tutor or House Leader.

Important Notice to Parents

Please see the attached letter – Working From Home

System Logons

For issues with Show My Homework please email or

Office365 email addresses are in the format ‘first name initial’ ‘surname’ ‘year’ – eg [Year 7=19; Year8=18, Year9=17 etc.]

If you are having issues with your Office 365 email address, please email or

If you request a password reset for Office365 via the website, the password will be initially reset to Password123. Please allow up to 24hrs for this to happen.

All requests for other systems should be sent to

Online Learning Update

To ensure our students can continue learning and making progress, we have prepared work for each year group up until the Easter Break. This can be found on Show My Homework. In light of the indefinite closure of schools, following government guidelines, we will continue to provide work for students on a weekly basis. We would suggest they follow the timetable below each day so that they continue to keep up their learning across all subject areas. This timetable will hopefully also provide them with some structure and ensure that they do not feel overwhelmed with work.

Year 7 & 8 students should spend approximately 1 hour on each slot on the timetable, making a total of 3 hours per day.

Year 9 and 10 students should spend at least 3 hours per day on work set.

Year 11 already have revision tasks set. It is important to emphasise that the academic year has not been cancelled so the Year 11 students should continue to study. In particular, it is vital that Year 11 students engage with subject specific learning that will prepare them for the subjects that they will be studying from September.

We do not expect parents to be the experts and all students are welcome to email their class teachers with questions. Any work that is not completed online can be completed on a Word document and emailed to the class teacher. Alternatively, students can write their work on paper and then send a photograph of the work. Going forward it will probably make more sense to type written work. If you don’t have the Microsoft Office package with Word etc at home, your child can download it via their school Office 365 account. Please email or if you have any problems with this.

Our staff are not on holiday and are ready, willing and available to support your child throughout the school closure. Please limit contact with staff to school opening hours if possible.

The following web link is intended to provide you with support and resources to help you learn about online safety at home with your child –

Parent Help sheet for Secondary Schools – Parents Helpsheet