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2017 Ski Trip

Welcome to the 2017 ski trip blog…from Le Corbier, France

Saturday 21 January We arrived safely in France with no hiccups, until an hour into the transfer when the bus broke down! However, this didn’t dampen our spirits as it was a great excuse for the students to enjoy a snowball fight whilst waiting for the new bus!

We arrived to a lovely sunset in the Alps where we tucked in to our evening meal; soup for starters, a main course of sausages, dauphinoise potatoes and beans followed by apple crumble and custard…yummy.

ski group 2017

Sunday 22 JanuaryWe woke up on Sunday morning to a lovely sunny day. We all enjoyed a lovely morning of skiing with Danyal Mahmood managing to sit on Jake Blakey on the chair lift! He very quickly shot up but as the chair lift was already in the air he landed safely and injury free into the soft snow below…

The afternoon brought more skiing and smiles, however, the sun had now disappeared behind the clouds. Charlie tried to show off and perform a 360 degree turn, but instead ended up in a bush, uninjured, where he was then bombard with snow by his group.  It was then back to the hotel for tea where everyone enjoyed lasagne and cheesecake for dessert.

It was then back out in to the town where we all took part in a town trail where we had to explore the town and look for local landmarks.  It was then off to bed to get ready for the next sunny day…

 ski danyal mahmood

Monday 23 JanuaryAnother sunny day ahead and everyone in high spirits again itching to get back on the slopes…

Everyone had a hearty breakfast where Danyal was handed Ski Muppet hat for the day after the chair lift incident and then of we went for more fun…

There were a few tumbles in the morning (all injury free!). The biggest wipe out involved Mia, Elise and Lydia where they decided to ski into each other. They were all covered in snow, giggling as staff arrived to help pick them up!  It was Billy’s turn to fall next as the chair lift was coming, but with help he managed to recover just in time.

ski crash

For lunch we had pizza before the afternoon brought more sun, skiing, fun and of course falls.

The highlight of the afternoon was Jack causing a 4 person pile up and then skiing off smiling to himself as if nothing happened and then falling himself.  Olivia then decided it would be a good idea to ski towards the ski lift and do the splits and get stuck. Nobody hurt themselves, maybe just their pride…

The evening involved spaghetti bolognaise followed by a team quiz which then turned into a karaoke competition!

Everyone has enjoyed another fun packed, warm, injury free day! Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

Tuesday 24 JanuaryThere were a few tired eyes this morning, but after filling up on breakfast and the sun shining again everyone was keen to get onto the slopes.  Though some of the year 11 girls nearly missed breakfast and had to be woken up by Mrs Sutcliffe!

Jack was awarded Ski Muppet for the day for him causing a 4 person pile up the day before…

ski jack fletcher

Everyone is making amazing progress with all 4 groups now taking on bigger and harder slopes.

At lunch we all tucked into some chicken and chips and had a well-deserved rest.

In the afternoon the top group practised their slalom technique for their race against another school which will take place tomorrow afternoon. The other groups enjoyed another sunny day of skiing.

The evening entertainment tonight was bum boarding. The reigning champion Mr Boardman had an awful time not even making his way down to the bottom. The year 11 team gave Amelia an almighty push to victory with her disappearing into the distance…it was then back to the hotel for a mug of hot chocolate to warm us up…

Hopefully tomorrow will bring more sunshine and lots of skiing. Good luck to the top group in their race tomorrow, come on Unity!

Wednesday 25 JanuaryEveryone was up and on time to breakfast this morning where we tucked in to cereal, meat, porridge and croissants. It was Mia’s turn to be named Ski Muppet for her forward role down the slope!

ski muppet

The sun was hidden behind thick cloud this morning, but unfortunately these clouds didn’t bring fresh snow.

We headed out for another morning of skiing. It was cold and fresh without the sun, but everyone was still eager to get going. The top group practised their slalom for their race in the afternoon and the other groups went off to explore the mountain and improve their skiing. Jaiden and Charlie decided it would be fun to be dragged along the floor on a drag lift rather than remain on their skis.

We went in for lunch just as the sun decided to show itself…macaroni & cheese was on the menu today which was soon wolfed down by hungry students…

The afternoon meant it was time for the big race which was very close but unfortunately we were pipped at the post, however, Charlie came second and Jake coming third. Well done to everyone who took part. The other groups continued to explore the slopes and the instructors are extremely happy with everyone’s progress.

Mia yet again decided to spend most of the time in the snow today rather than skiing. Firstly she took a tumble and ended up face down in the snow and then when skiing backwards she yet again ended up face down in the snow. Despite these tumbles she is still smiling and injury free…

For tea everyone had fish and chips, which went down extremely well. Tonight we played various team games with prizes to be won. Billy and Jeffrey got to the fussball final to play Mr Boardman and Mr Williams. It was a very intense student vs teacher battle…but luckily the teachers came out on top!

Jake claimed some bragging rights back for the students though by easily beating Mr Boardman at pool.

The key stage 4 girls yet again won the nights competition and took the games crown.  Well done everyone!

Thursday 26 JanuaryThe morning brought more sunshine and another hearty breakfast. Charlie was awarded Ski Muppet today for being dragged up a lift yesterday.

 ski muppet charlie

The groups all went their separate ways to enjoy their penultimate day of skiing.Mia decided half way up a drag lift that she didn’t want to stand up any more and decided to fall off it….this meant she had to ski back down to the bottom and start all over again. Her group gave her a big celebratory cheer when she finally joined them at the top!

Cheese burgers were on the menu for lunch today which, by the big smiles on their faces, the students were very happy about.

The wind picked up in the afternoon and it was bitterly cold. Luckily everyone had wrapped up to keep toasty and warm. The top two groups went to the snow park to show off their skills on jumps. While Jake challenged Mr Boardman to a race on the boarder cross track. Jake was in the lead for three quarters of the race, but Mr Boardman gave it his all to just pip Jake to the finish line.

Luckily the wind had died down by the evening making the walk to the pizza restaurant much more bearable. They brought out pizza after pizza in an ‘all you can eat fashion’ which delighted the rumbling stomachs…everyone then proceeded to stuff themselves with as much pizza as they could.

Not long to go now before we have to pack and head home but we’ve all had a fantastic time and everyone has enjoyed this beautiful town and hopefully we’ll visit again next year!


Friday 27 JanuaryWe all woke up on the last day to a cold and cloudy morning. Everyone was tired now after a brilliant week of skiing. Everyone tucked in to another lovely breakfast whilst Amelia and Freddie shared the Ski Muppet award for the day.

The top group went out on a 4 hour exploration of the resort, whilst the other three groups stuck to their usual 2 sessions.

One group took on their first black run (Black being the most difficult) and everyone nailed it and got down successfully.  Elise was doing brilliantly until she fell half way down.  At this point she decided to leave her skis and poles there whilst she slid down on her bottom! This left Mr Williams to try and save her ski equipment for her.

Everyone was happy to be back in the warm hotel for lunch as it was an extremely cold, windy day. Bangers and mash was on the menu for lunch with all the students tucking in to fill themselves up.


The afternoon went smoothly with all groups enjoying their last afternoon of skiing. At the end all students were awarded with a skiing award and a badge.

In the evening the students all gathered together for the Unity awards. All winners got a certificate and a resort badge. Jake won the honorary award for being on numerous ski trips. At this point all the year 11’s got a little sad when they realised this would be their last ever Unity ski trip.

After the awards it was movie night where we all sat down to watch Planet of the Apes. By 10:00pm everyone was in their room for their last sleep, it was an early wake up in the morning, 6:30am, for our journey home.


Saturday 28 JanuaryThe teachers were up early knocking everyone up at 6:30am to make sure they didn’t miss breakfast. There were a few tired eyes this morning as the students walked into the breakfast room. Again the breakfast was brilliant and were all on the bus and ready to leave by 7:30am.

The journey to the airport went without any hitches and we arrived on time. The students were noticeably quieter on this journey compared to when we arrived a week ago. After a safe flight home we arrived back at school a little earlier with parents waiting eagerly to hear all about it – all the students and staff had an amazing week filled with lots of fun, skiing, falls, and laughter. The students represented Unity extremely well throughout the week.  Well done all!