DfE Laptop Help

DfE Laptop Help

This page is to provide help to those students who’ve borrowed a laptop from Unity College whilst self-isolating.

Inside the bag, there is a 4 page document from the DfE.  This is a very important document explaining how to connect to the internet, how to login and an explanation of how the laptop has been set up to keep children safe.

There is no password set on the devices however when you switch on you will need to enter the username .\localuser  

Leave the password blank and click the arrow to login.

If you meet the screen .\localadmin use the switch user function you will find below this username and then login with the above username.

Should you need any passwords resetting please email loginhelp@unity.lancs.sch.uk .

If you experience any issues please email z.hammond-phillips@unity.lancs.sch.uk who will endeavour to support.


To access word documents and powerpoints from show my homework follow these steps:

  1. Click to download the resource this will then go to your download files.
  2. Login to office 365 online as you would in college to access your college email
  3. Select the programme required for example powerpoint
  4. Click the upload button and select the resource you have downloaded, this will then allow you to view and edit it online.