Year 6 Transition (Student Page)

Welcome To Unity College

For Year 6 Students

We are doing our best to make sure that you do not worry about starting at Unity College. Some of you will be nervous, after all you may only have visited the college on our open evening.  It is natural to feel a little nervous, so to help you we have put a great deal of information on our website for you and your parents to read so you can get to know how the college works and the types of things you will be doing when you start at Unity College. 

There is a page for your parents (here), but this page is for you.

A letter for you from the headteacher – Letter to Year 6 students

Have a read of this document from one of our current students about what life is like at Unity College – School day diary.

A couple of our current year 7s have written about how they’ve felt in their first year at Unity – this is from Rowanne and this is from Hollie.

Our year 7 transition buddies are ready to answer your transition questions, just send them an email and the buddy team will get back to you –

Departments have provided tasks for you to try before you join us. 

These are not compulsory but completing them can make your transition to Year 7 work a little easier.

Any you do complete can be brought with you on your first day at Unity and handed to your PD tutor.

Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)


Have a go at this challenge – MFL Transition




Be a detective: Investigate the Tollund Man


Physical Education (PE)


Some ideas to keep you active: Transition ideas

A booklet to get to know you: PE Year-6-to-year-7-Transition-Booklet




Some tasks to have a go at:




A 30-day challenge for you to try – A fun way to do something foody every day




Write your own script!




Make a Musical Instrument

Take It Outside

30 Day Song Challenge




Design a Zoo Theme Park Transition Project

Reading Comprehension Prompts
Task 4 -Theme Park Writing Task
Task 5 – Comprehension questions
Task 5 – Supported Comprehension questions
Task 5 – Text C – Great Days Out
Task 5 -Comprehension Questions
Task 5 -Text A-and-B-Theme-Parks
Task 6 -Find-7-mistakes-Thorpe-Park



Try this booklet – Maths transition booklet




Try this transition booklet – Get Ready For Science

Have a go at this Crest Award – A Visit to San Diego Zoo




Try these activities – Geography Activities

Task 1 PDR – Geography transition postcard

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