Most Able

At Unity College, we believe in teaching and learning in such a way that each individual child strives to achieve above and beyond expectations through a balanced and differentiated provision. This includes those children who are identified as ‘Most Able’.


Most able students are those students who demonstrate outstanding academic potential and who perform at such a level as to warrant additional opportunities to further their development.


We aim to raise achievement and aspirations among all students by:

  • Challenging and supporting the most able to push the boundaries of what is possible;
  • Recognising and celebrating high achievement
  • Developing appropriate teaching and learning styles

How you can help your child

All children need support at home in their learning and a child with high learning potential is no different in this. There are many things that you as a parent can do to help your child to thrive.

Keeping up to date with the news helps to broaden their outlook and add a new dimension to their studies. Try to encourage your child to read a newspaper at least once or twice a week and discuss together recent news. Find news stories connected to lesson topics. If your child is researching a subject, suggest the online archives of a good newspaper or the BBC website. Engage your child in activities to challenge them and make them think independently and creatively.

If you are planning a day out, visit a museum or gallery that will tie in with work your child is doing in subjects such as Art, English, History, Geography or Science – this can be a fun way to add depth and interest to your child’s learning.

Securing Outstanding Achievement

Most Able Enrichment Calendar 2023 – 2024