COVID-19 Update

Update – Year 11 (Wed 2 Dec 10:30 am)

Due to a number of positive cases in year 11, as a precautionary measure, all year 11 have been asked to stay at home and not attend college all this week and move to remote learning. We have carried out a detailed track and trace and letters are being posted out today to all students who are currently self-isolating to inform them of their return date to Unity College. If you do not receive a letter by Friday please contact the college.


Confirmed cases of Covid-19 (Mon 30 Nov 3:40 pm)

Three students (one in year 7, one in year 8 and one in year 9) have tested positive for Covid-19 today.  We have identified and informed those students who need to self-isolate due to being in close/direct contact with one of the students and they have received a letter informing them of the self-isolation dates and when they are due to return to college. 

Due to positive cases in year 11, as a precautionary measure, all year 11 are to stay at home and not attend college this week. We are in the process of tracking and tracing which students need to self-isolate for 14 days and will contact parents as soon as possible. All year 11 should self-isolate until further notice and move to remote learning. Please check the website for further updates this week.


Mrs Cryer


Christmas Cards (Fri 27 Nov 4:05 pm)

As the festive season is approaching, I ask that students do not hand out Christmas cards in college to other students and staff this year.  Though the risk may be low, I want to ensure that we minimise the risk of spreading the infection at this time. Instead, students may want to support our Charity Christmas collection (see further information under the News tab on our website – Charity Christmas Collection


Parent Guide for Remote Learning Provision for Covid-19 related absences (Thu 24 Sep 1:30 pm)

Please find below a quick and easy reference guide for parents and students so that they can easily identify what school work will be provided by the college in the event of a Covid-19 related absence. There is also guidance on how the work will be delivered in different situations (i.e. via remote learning pack, online resources, pre-recorded streamed and live lessons). A copy of this guide can also be found in the REMOTE LEARNING link at the top of the College website welcome page. We hope you find this helpful. If you have any further questions regarding the provision of remote learning work or accessing this work, please don’t hesitate to contact main reception, who will be able to direct your queries and concerns to the correct member of staff.


Procedure if a student tests positive for Covid-19
(Thu 17 Sep 12:05 pm)

Please read the attached document – If there is a confirmed case of a student with Covid


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