COVID-19 Update

Year 11 Letter (Wed 12 May 1:30 pm)

Parents/carers of year 11 students, please read this letter – Y11 May 2021. Year 11 students were informed of the contents this morning.

Year 11 Transition Page (Sun 9 May 10:40 am)

The year 11 transition page is now live – check out the student tab or the quick access box below.

This provides useful links to local colleges and will be updated regularly until the end of July with updates to support year 11 with their transition to their next steps.

Year 11 Assessments (Tue 23 Mar 4:25 pm)

The attached PDF – Assessment Timeline Year 11 – shows the assessments that Year 11s will be undertaking between now and May Half-Term. All students have been given a copy. Any questions, please email Miss Gerrard – 


Mrs Cryer


Number Day (Tue 11 May 4:35 pm)

Remote Learning Policy (Thu 28 Jan 8:20 am)

Unity College’s remote learning policy can be found on the Teaching & Learning Policies page. 

Procedure if a student tests positive for Covid-19
(Thu 17 Sep 12:05 pm)

Please read the attached document – If there is a confirmed case of a student with Covid


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