Dining Room

Foyer is our mobile serving point offering pasta with a choice of a meat and vegetarian sauces.

Vegetarian sauces include:

  • Arrabiata – a chilli based sun ripened tomato sauce with mixed peppers.
  • Basilico – an Italian style tomato sauce with basil.
  • Veggie Bolognese – Made with vegetarian mince, tomatoes, peppers and mixed herbs
  • Pomodoro – a simple tomato sauce with made with sun-ripened tomatoes
  • Vegetable Balti – An Indian vegetable curry

Meat sauces include:

  • Meatballs – pork meatballs in a spicy sauce with peppers
  • Chicken balti – An Indian aromatic chicken curry
  • Chicken Italiano – a rich tomato sauce made with basil and chunks of chicken
  • Chicken Torino – a BBQ flavoured tomato sauce made with chicken and mixed peppers

Foyer also serves drinks, fresh fruit, and home- baking

New Theme Days every Wednesday and Friday (Indian, Asian, Mexican and Chinese) available as a meal £1.70 or as a meal deal £2.25


  • Pasta pot – £1.70
  • Meal deals (includes a pasta pot, drink and fruit or cookie) – £2.25
  • Slice of pizza £1.20