The mission of the English department is to ensure that all students at Unity College have a passion for English and aspire to be independent, successful learners. The English Curriculum will ensure that all learners are equipped with life skills and a lifelong love of learning.

The English Department aims to instil a lifelong passion and enjoyment for English and our cultural heritage. Students need to achieve their full potential and will do this because they will look forward to their English lessons. Students and staff will embrace all challenges so that they are empowered and motivated to achieve and exceed national standards. 

It is the English Department’s vision that all students will be confident readers who can read texts both for pleasure and analytically, be confident in their spoken and written communication and keen to develop their language skills beyond college and into their adult lives.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” 

― Dr. Seuss


Department Staff List

Miss Smith – Head of English
Mr Mitson – Assistant Head of English
Mrs Dickinson – Lead Teacher of English & Literacy
Mrs Allen – Assistant Headteacher (Teacher of English)
Mr Atherton – Teacher of English
Miss Feroze – Teacher of English
Mrs Hickling – Teacher of English
Mrs Hussain – Teacher of English
Miss McLean – Teacher of English
Mrs Newnes – Teacher of English
Mrs Reynolds – Teacher of English
Mrs Shuttleworth – Teacher of English
Mrs Wignall – Teacher of English
Miss Wilson – Teacher of English
Mrs Wilson – Teacher of English