The Pastoral System

“The college’s work to keep students safe and secure is outstanding”. Ofsted, June 2014.

We are proud of the quality of care, guidance and support that we offer at Unity College. A huge part of this occurs through the Pastoral System that we operate. Every student belongs to a Personal Development (PD) Group, which in turn, is part of a Year Group. The PD Tutor meets with their students first thing every day and is the first port of call for students or their parents / carers to discuss things of importance or issues that concern them. As well as the informal dialogue that PD Tutors have with their tutees, students also follow a structured programme during PD sessions as the year progresses. Students have a year assembly each week where important information is shared, and achievements are celebrated. 

PD Tutors work closely with their tutor group after each assessment point in the year to review effort, behaviour and academic progress.

Students in all years are placed in tutor groups so that they get to work alongside their peers. This really helps to build a sense of family within each year group and forms a strong identity within PD groups. By having students in year group PD’s, the College’s PD curriculum is delivered appropriately for students’ ages. 

Beyond the student’s PD Tutor, there are a vast array of other places that students can go to for help, guidance and support. The year system is led by the Head of Year and Deputy Heads of Year. Students can always approach their Head of Year or Deputy Head of Year for help or advice at any time.

The pastoral wellbeing of every student is ensured by a multi-faceted approach from a skilled and experienced safeguarding, student support and inclusion team who offer specialised provision for those students who need additional support throughout their time at Unity College.

The College also has a team of student leaders who provide an alternative avenue for students to seek support.