Care, Guidance and Support

“The college’s work to keep students safe and secure is outstanding”. Ofsted, June 2014

At Unity, we pride ourselves on the extensive support systems we have in place for all our students.  These are impossible to adequately summarise on one web page as they include a wide range of people and processes (both within college and involving outside agencies).

For some students, the only support they may feel they need will be that of their friends.  For others, they will make use of the pastoral support structure (either through their PD Tutor or House Leader and Behaviour Leader).  Some students will access the more specialist support of our Signpost Team and some may work with external agencies to obtain specialist support.

The college’s support services for students have been enhanced by the employment of mentors and a social worker, who liaise with parents through visiting them at home if necessary. This service ensures that the relationship with students and their families is positive.

In addition to this, all subject staff provide guidance and support in the way they deliver, assess and feedback to students.  We operate an Assessment for Learning policy at Unity to ensure that ‘Assessing Pupils Progress’ (APP) is not just something which is done to them, but something with guides them to go on to achieve further.

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