Leadership and Contacts

The Senior Leadership Team

Ms J Richardson


Miss W Gerard 

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs A Hodgson

Deputy Headteacher 

Mrs S Cardno

Deputy Headteacher 

Mrs Z Hammond-Phillips

Assistant Headteacher 

Mr T Hemissi

Assistant Headteacher

Mr M Holden

Assistant Headtacher

Ms J McGregor

Assistant Headteacher

Mr A Rahman

Director of Finance and Resources

Other Leadership Teams at Unity College

Miss L Myers

Head of Year 7


Deputy Head of Year 7 

Mr M Williams

Head of Year 8 

Miss G Hartley 

Deputy Head of Year 8 

Mr M Gupta 

Head of Year 9 

Mrs V Cochrane

Deputy Head of Year 9 

Mr M Cole

Head of Year 10

Miss R Heaton

Deputy Head of Year 10


Head of Year 11

Mrs L Doney

Deputy Head of Year 11 

Student Leadership

Student leadership is central to our vision at Unity College, and specifically ties in to one of the College’s mission statements: 

‘Our students are involved in every aspect of college life beyond the classroom.’ 

To become a member of the Student Leadership Team at Unity College, students need to undertake a rigorous application process, involving a written application, reference and formal interview with the Senior Leadership Team. 

Students can apply to be a part of the Student Leadership Team during the summer term of Years 9 and 10. 

Each role within the Student Leadership Team has a specific job description. The handbook detailing these can be found here.

Head Students and Deputy Head Students

The Head Students at Unity College for 2023-2024 are:

Hollie Mayhew and Isla Scholes 

The Deputy Head Students at Unity College for 2023-2024 are:

Grace Hargreaves and Hassan Khalil

Student Leadership Team 2023-2024


The current Student Leadership Team for 2023-2024 can be found here