Geography KS4

Geography KS4

The Geography GCSE course is an exciting and diverse study of the World, its people and environments. As one of the English Baccalaureate subjects, Geography offers students the opportunity to discover some of the most interesting and unusual places to be found on this planet!

Students will also develop key skills, such as literacy, numeracy and ICT which can help them in their other chosen subjects and in their future jobs.

Students will follow the AQA “8035” specification. More details about the course can be found at the following website: AQA Geography Specification

Personal Qualities required for studying GCSE Geography:
• A keen interest in exploring new places around the World
• Patience to listen to the opinions of other students
• Commitment to completing work outside the classroom
• A desire to complete tasks to the best of their ability.

GCSE Geography is valued by Colleges of Further Education and Higher Education not to mention many employers who require their employees to have good literacy, analytical and communication skills.

Any parents or students who would like more information about the course should contact Mr Sharples.