GCSE Business


Business Studies is a subject that will give you an understanding of the world of business. As part of the course, we look at the ways businesses are set up, the way they function and the way they are managed. We look at the impact of growth and changes in business; giving you the opportunity to complete your own investigation in to a business.

Business is front-page news.  The way companies operate is under greater scrutiny than ever before, while TV programmes like The Apprentice and Dragon’s Den have raised the profile of business to a new generation. During your studies we will discuss current hot business topics as they appear in the news and talk about the potential impact of what is reported. 

Should I study Business?
If you enjoy:
• communicating and explaining your ideas
• thinking creatively and making decisions
• working with numbers to solve business problems
• learning about the world of business through research and investigation, as well as through practical tasks then the new GCSE Business course is the right subject for you.

What do I need to know, or be able to do, before taking this course?
It doesn’t matter if you haven’t studied business prior to taking this course. You might have an interest in business, and want to start your own business one day. You may have an enquiring mind and be interested in learning about the world around you, how businesses are set up, and what it is that makes someone a great entrepreneur. This course will help you to understand all this and more.


Department Staff List

Mr Abbas – Head of Business
Miss Gerrard – Deputy Head (Teacher of Business)
Mr Patel – Teacher of Business