The RE department at Unity College will help to develop curious and independent learners who have an awareness of their own and others identities and beliefs. In turn they will grow in respect for themselves and others, now and in the future.



Mrs C Bowman

Head of RE

Mrs J Butterworth

Teacher of RE

Miss L Duerden-McLean

Teacher of RE

Miss L Myers

Head of Year 7 and Teacher of RE

Mrs A Rasul

Teacher of RE

Key Stage Three 

Religious Education at Unity College asks the question ‘what is it to be human?’ and explores answers offered by different religions and beliefs. 

The themes explored throughout Key Stage Three are: 

Year 7 – Where do we belong?

Year 8 – Where can we find guidance about how to live our lives?

Year 9 – Where can we seek truth and find meaning? 

The exploration includes the four areas:

  • Shared human experience
  • Living religious tradition
  • Beliefs and values
  • The search for personal meaning

Key Stage Four

Core Religious Education 

The units studied in core Religious Education at Key Stage Four include the study of beliefs and practices through a variety of religious and non-religious world-views such as Humanism.

GCSE Religious Studies 

Students follow the AQA GCSE Religious Studies A for GCSE which requires the study of two religions: Christianity and Islam and four themes: 

Theme A – Relationships and Families

Theme B – Religion and Life 

Theme E – Religion, Crime and Punishment

Theme F – Religion, Human Rights and Social Justice 

Similar and contrasting beliefs and practices within and across religions and traditions are explored to see how beliefs and teachings are understood and expressed. 

RE Five Year Plan

Please click here to view the Religious Education department’s five year plan for students’ study whilst at Unity College. 

RE Enrichment

Ask your child to share with you what they have been studying in their RE lessons to consolidate their learning.

Encourage your child to use the show my homework website.

Encourage your child to undertake relevant reading – within school we study religious and non-religious beliefs.

Watch the news / current affairs programmes.

Undertake virtual tours of religious sites and places of worship.

Read some of the books on this book list.