This section of the website contains lots of information about subject areas within our varied curriculum.We believe that learning is an enjoyable, lifelong process through which everyone can achieve their potential and exceed their expectations. We will challenge and support our students to do their very best by providing an extensive range of learning experiences beyond the statutory requirement.

It is important to recognize that the curriculum is not solely about the National Curriculum, although this is the legal foundation because it secures an entitlement for all students. The curriculum embraces all that is learned through college, whether it be in lessons or part of informal learning within and beyond the college day.

At Unity College we operate a two year Key Stage 3 and a three year Key Stage 4. We feel that by extending Key Stage 4 from two to three years it will enable students to gain a deeper understanding of subjects studied and therefore increase attainment at Key Stage 4.

Do take the time to explore some of the more detailed subject information contained within this section. If you feel you would like more information regarding the curriculum offered please contact Miss Gerrard on 01282 683010.

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