Dining Room
Weekly Menu

Available daily TFC / Neo’s Pizza / Jacket Potatoes


  • Italian meatballs served with pasta and garlic bread
  • Chicken tikka served with rice
  • Chicken Goujons served with potatoes


  • Roast Chicken Dinner
  • Quiche served with mash and vegetables
  • Yorkshire pudding wrap served with potatoes


  • Cottage Pie
  • Tuna pasta bake
  • Zinger burger served with potatoes


  •  All day breakfast
  • Chinese chicken served with rice and sweet chilli sauce
  • Assorted Pies



  • Chicken curry served with rice
  • Battered Haddock
  • Chip day (Salad & Jacket Potatoes)

Week Commencing 16th March 2020

Please inform the Catering Staff if you have any allergies and we will cater to your dietary requirements