Dining Room
Chaucers Restaurant

Chaucers Restaurant is our main serving area selling Hot Main Meals – see the weekly menu for details.

Fresh fruit, biscuits, hot deserts with custard, selection of ice cream and ice lollies are available daily.

Example Prices :

  • Jacket potato and filling £1.70
  • Plate salads made to order £1.70
  • Chicken wrap £1.70 (which can be served as a meal deal with a cookie or slush for £2.30)
  • Main meal £1.70
  • Hot desert 70p
  • Ice cream from 80p
  • Home-baking from 80p
  • Fresh fruit 40p
  • Fruit salad / Jelly / Yoghurt 70p
  • Drinks 80p-£1.30
  • Meal deal (includes main meal, cookie or slush) £2.30


Break time at Chaucers

During break time students can purchase hot snacks including toast, bacon rolls, sausage baps, croissants, danish pastries, fruit bread, pastries and pizzas all from 30p-£1.20

Example Prices :

  • Bacon or Sausage sandwich £1.20
  • Pizza 80p
  • Danish Pastry 60p
  • Toast 30p
  • Waffles 80p
  • Sausage roll £1.00
  • Cereal £1.00
  • Fruit / fruit salad / yoghurt 70p