Computer Science & ICT

Computer Science & ICT

Decades ago, secondary school Computer Science classes were something of a luxury. In this elective course students explored basic C++ coding skills to create small games, and play around with a technology that was just starting to embed itself in our everyday lives.

Computer Science classes were interesting, fun, and informative – but they weren’t necessary to a student’s education or his or her success in the world.

That’s no longer the case. Basic computer science is a vital skill any student who wants to succeed in the future needs to know.

Today, computer science isn’t just for some students. It’s for every student.

Imagine a world today without computers. It seems impossible?

That is why computer science matters.

Computers continue to advance and embed themselves in everyday life, from home to work. As computer use grows, technology skills will be imperative for the future workforce. The need for skilled technology professionals is just beginning. And luckily, these skills can be learned at a young age.

To thrive in this tech-driven future, it’s imperative that secondary school students have the ability to learn and hone computer science skills in the classroom.


Department Staff List:

Mr Abbas – Head of Computer Science
Mr Patel – Teacher of Computer Science
Mrs Ahmad – Teacher of Computer Science