The overall results were as follows:
Year 7 Girls: 1st
Year 7 Boys: 1st
Year 8 & 9 Girls : 2nd
year 8 & 9 Boys : 1st
Year 10 & 11 Girls : 4th
Year 10 & 11 Boys: 3rd
Lexi Hogatt 3rd year 7 girls
Cameron Halstead 1st Yr7 boys
William Woodruff 1st Yr8 boys
Megan Rodriguez 3rd Yr8 & 9 girls
Callum Halstead 3rd Yr9 Boys
Jackson McKay 1st  Yr10 Boys
Lennon Jackson 3rd Yr 10 boys
Sophie Ashworth 1st Yr10 Girls
Our Students put in a fantastic Effort and came away with brilliant places, everyone at Unity College is proud of them for all their perseverance throughout the competition.