During our transition period year 6 were lucky enough to work with a local specialist software company called Scoped Solutions, to learn how to code.

Scoped Solutions gave students an insight into the real world of Computing and the importance of learning how to code. Year 6 were required to use their problem solving skills to debug errors in code and then learn how to develop it to make a Piano!

The Raspberry Pi’s were used to show students how they can control a device through the use of code. Scoped Solutions demonstrated how the Raspberry Pi can be used to develop programs and create a device for a variety of different purposes.

Students were engrossed for the whole session and it was really difficult to tear them away from the Raspberry Pi’s. The year 6 students have definitely caught the coding bug! A massive thank you to Scoped Solutions for working with our year 6 students and donating the prizes.

The Star Students of the Day went to – Elle Windle, Hanif Shah, Holly Peters and Matthew Smith.