January saw host to the first ever Modern Foreign Languages breakfast.  Students were invited to come along and enjoy a taste of authentic French, German and Spanish cuisine.  mfl doc

For the price of 50p, students could choose from a range of delicacies such as German sausages, Spanish cakes and French pastries. The event was clearly a hit with students as the food and drink was promptly sold out, and students were even queueing outside the door of the languages department. Once inside, students were given target language cards in order to practise their French, German or Spanish, helping to create an atmosphere of a real life foreign café.

A talented group of volunteers helped to make the event a success and encouraged customers to order in the target language. As well as experiencing a taste of France, Germany and Spain, students also listened to foreign music, adding to the ambiance in the MFL department.

Overall, the event was such a raging success that both students and language teachers are looking forward to the next ‘café’ morning!