For the past three years, five Unity College students have undertook a unique training programme designed by Nelson and Colne College to extend and enrich the perspectives of gifted and talented students from year 9 onwards.  The programme included Unity College students, working alongside students from other secondary schools within the area.  Students have taken part in activities such as a university challenge quiz and a set of STEM related challenges to broaden their skills for their future education, including attending one of the Russell Group Universities. 

Last week, five students from Unity College enjoyed a residential trip to the University of Oxford.  Staying overnight, students had a tour of the Ashmolean Museum and were able to discover some of the sights in the city of Oxford.  On the second day of the trip, at Queen’s College they delivered a presentation on a year-long research project they had carried out.  This was an independent project which allowed each student to choose a topic that they were passionate about.  It has helped students involved to develop their skills within research, writing, organisation, communication and presentation.  Following a tour of Queen’s College, the students listened to and engaged within a ‘next steps’ talk which encouraged these students to broaden their mindsets in discovering leading universities, including Oxbridge.

All students involved enjoyed the trip and believe it has highlighted to them what can be achievable in their future.  The participating Unity College students were Lucy Smith, Jake O’Dowd, Adam Brierley, Fion Lam and Sophie Savage. 


By Lucy Smith (Year 11)


Below are all the pictures that were taken.