Unity hosted their first year 7 event of the year, following the team’s visits to Preston Grasshoppers and Blackburn Central. The day saw teams from Blessed Trinity, Shuttleworth and Sir John Thursby attend, with Burnley Rugby coaches leading the event. 

Unity College had 26 boys involved throughout the afternoon across two teams, with other regular attendees of training unavailable for the event. Numbers at training so far have been exceptional, with a strong base to develop over the coming years. 

Over the afternoon the boys played a combination of touch and contact rugby, to ensure that all teams were able to compete at a level comfortable to them. By the end of the afternoon, all teams were involved in contact rugby. 

Both Unity teams went unbeaten for the afternoon, showing their strength in depth and enthusiasm for the sport. The boys will continue to compete in local and regional competitions throughout the year and the school hopes to use its links to Burnley Rugby Club to provide further opportunities.