COVID-19 Update – Monday 16th March 2020

The college is taking advice from the government, Public Health England and Lancashire County Council and we are reviewing our situation daily.

At the time of writing national and local guidance is that schools remain open.


Children displaying signs of coronavirus

If your child has one or both of the following symptoms please do not send them to college and they should stay at home for seven days.

  • A new continuous cough
  • High temperature

They should not go out and be self-isolated. Please see the latest government guidelines.

If a child arrives in college showing these signs we will send them home. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the parents who have been so supportive today when their child has been sent home with symptoms. They will need to be self-isolated for 7 days.

If they are feeling a little better they can go onto show my homework to do some work or read their current chosen reading book. If they are in years 10 or 11 they will have revision materials to use. We cannot provide individual work for students at this time but we are working on providing general materials for students who are self-isolating at home.


For regular updates and advice please see

Mrs Cryer